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Women that attent retreat at Holistic Historical 1882 Grote Ranch. A texas century ranch.

Thursday April 11

Sunday April  14   2024

Disconnect to Reconnect

Holistic Historical 1882 Grote  win Texas Travel Award 2023

2023 Winner of the Texas Travel Award for most unique Lodging small market in the state of Texas.
Holistic and Historical 1882 Grote Ranch offers NO road noise, the darkest private sky, and sleeps 17 in the magical 4,300 square foot home on 30 fenced-in acres of the Pristine Texas Hill Country.


Friday & Saturday

Senior Stretching
Please join Janice for gentle senior stretching and Q & A April 11-14 Retreat 


Friday April 4th at Noon  $100 off retreat when you attend

Saturday April 5th at 10AM  $100 off retreat when you attend


All retreats are head during dark sky nights. This will offer superb starry nights with our very dark sky at the Ranch.  A former guest said “Start nights make us feel so small in our universe and yet made my heart feel so big.  I knew I was very fortunate to be seeing such a sight and appreciate it to the very depths of my soul.”

  Yoga / Movement / Stretching 

Flow, stretching, just moving your body enriches your life.  Sitting is said to be the new smoking.  Yoga is a powerful, transformative, physical technology that is fast-focused and effective.  The hope is to create tools and practices that allow you to experience a sense of peace and calm unmatched by any retreat.  Come and learn about a new approach or enrich your personal practice. Bring a peaceful sense into your everyday life!


When it comes to stunning sunsets and stellar sunrises, Aat the Ranch in the remote Texas Hill Country wins the prize and Starry skies as far as the eye can see. Enchanted Rock Natural Preserve is 9 miles away if you can fly.  This magical rock formation rolls over to Aat the Ranch, where you might feel the magic of the pink and white granite rock formations and lose smaller stones our 167-year-old century ranch has to offer.


This weekend of disconnecting from your

fast-paced life will offer 

  • Sound healing

  • Tapping

  • Creating your own, I AM affirmations  

  • Meditations

  • Create your personal Mantra


  • Guided Meditations

  • Pendulum, gemstone

  • Chakra Balancing test

  • Yogic Numerology

  • One afternoon up to the Llano River soaking up the water and sun.  A stop at the one and only Castell General Store.  

  • Mediterranean Meals & snacks 

  • Playing games

  • Having fun!

  • Making new friends 

  • Moonlight meditation

  • Plus, there are many other fun surprises! The weekend is designed to be a time to meet amazing people build new friendships, and

  • Disconnect from stress, become connected with yourself, relax, and reflect.

The Cuisine, The Yoga at Holistic Historical 1882 Grote Ranch

Relax, explore, and unwind at this magical historical Hill Country Ranch. Kundalini, Meditation & Mindfulness,  Energy, healing, releasing, sharing workshops, Stargazing, walks, yoga, healthy lifestyle in a private remote ranch surrounded by 3,000 plus acre cattle ranch. We will have group activities and time for you to be alone and choose your adventure.  Swing on a bench, take a walk,  play a game, read a book, meditate, swim up in the Llano River, do more yoga…whatever you decide to do. Get outside, relax, disconnect and reconnect.


We will treat our bodies to mindful and creative foods this weekend! The Mediterranean diet offers flavors you can feel in your heart and delicious foods that will keep us fueled and satisfied.  Robust coffees & herbal teas.

Food that’s fresh and flavorful

 Movement Therapy 

There is something special about practicing movements and moving your body in nature, and it allows you to observe the sounds, the smells, and the energy so much more, making it the perfect place to practice. Sunrise & sunset meditation, manifesting vibrates with Kundalini yoga.  We will spend some hours flowing through various vinyasa yoga sequences and meditating under the stars, and enjoying playful workshops all over the ranch!

Be present, breathe, and flow into peace!

THE PRICING  $479 -$1,799

Per person. 

 IF a second person wants to join your single room its an additional $479  covers meals and staff. 


All the prices listed  are all-inclusive. Accommodations Menu: That means as soon as you arrive This includes the following:

  • All workshops & activities

  • All Mediterranean meals

  • Snacks and beverages throughout the weekend

  • Trip to Llano River & Famous Castell General Store

  • Surprise activities

  • Daily yoga classes

  • Guided meditation


Movement Therapy with Painting $29 per person

Deck - memorial block Suggested Donation $100 per design creation installation

Accommodations Menu:

  • Wyoming Bunk Room (3 bunkbeds) $479 per bed

  • Wonder Woman King Bed (1 single)  $1,299 extra person $479

  • Tree Room, $799, and the History Room $799, have a ¾ wall dividing the two rooms

  • Celestial Star Room  King Bed where you sleep under the stars in a memory foam king bed with a six foot by six foot glass ceiling to the stars. (1 single) $1,799 Private Bath Including Jacuzzi Tub for two - $479 extra person

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to Ranch Retreat!

Our ranch retreat offers a variety of activities to help you unwind and make the most of your stay. From painting and hiking to yoga and meditation, our experienced staff is here to guide you every step of the way.

Women that attent retreat at Holistic Historical 1882 Grote Ranch. A texas century ranch.


If you are not comfortable booking because you have more questions, and no question is a bad question.  Just send us your questions below.

We will get back with you soon

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Treat yourself 

Disconnect to  Reconnect

Meet your new tribe

Connect with Nature

Refreshment Apartment at Holistic Historical 1882 Grote Ranch. A texas century ranch.
Women that attent retreat at Holistic Historical 1882 Grote Ranch. A texas century ranch.
Journal at Holistic Historical 1882 Grote Ranch. A texas century ranch.

Who is behind this Ranch Retreat?

My name is Janice Jensen

Mentoring and evaluating instructional staff experience and a record of providing quality leadership...

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