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2023 Winner of the Texas Travel Award for most unique Lodging small market in the state of Texas.

Holistic and Historical 1882 Grote Ranch offers NO road noise, the darkest private sky, and sleeps 15 in the magical 4,300 square foot h
ome on 30 fenced-in acres of the Pristine Texas Hill Country.

Janice's great-great Grandfather was a circuit-riding Methodist Preacher from Castell, Germany, in 1848.
CA Grote's first sermon was on the north bank of the LLano River in Castell. His Son,
GH Grote, started to purchase land in 1882, acquiring over 2,224 acres.
Janice is the last of the last who has not sold out.

Texas Family Land Heritage Program inducted her Mother, Annette Grote Altgelt, in 1998. 

2023 Family Land Heritage approved Holistic & Historical 1882 Grote Ranch.  Janice's built her home from 2003 to 2008. The home offers a 1,152-square-foot surround deck. She always loved the stars and Post Oak Springs Pond. The house has a 17-foot ceiling 40-foot by 40-foot open living room.
The most oversized kitchen with 8-inch two ovens and one convection.
A full fridge with matching full-size standing freezer.
Entertaining your guest over your stay is open and accessible.
Everyone raves about the warmer and how they wish they had one. 
The celestial star bedroom was rated as the most desirable place people wish to stay on AirBnB 2018 when Janice rented room by room. A 6-foot by 6-foot glass ceiling over the memory foam king bed with windows facing east, south, and west. Jacuzzi bathtub for two. You have to experience sleeping under the stars in such a unique setting.

Only 1.5 hours drive from either San Antonio or Austin International Airport, Just 5 miles south of the Llano River and the town of Castell, Texas Population 12.

  The home is very open.    This is a huge home 8 beds from King to twin beds.  Each room is unique, from the Celestial Star room to the Super Hero room, Tree room, History room, and Wyoming bunk room.​

 Friends and memories are waiting to be made at the Ranch.

Holistic Historical 1882 Grote Ranch. A texas century ranch Logo
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